In 1870, the American House was built where Siren Hall currently sits; this became the Lakeview House Hotel in 1878. Eventually the hotel was torn down, and in 1924 the existing building was built. Soon after Marriot and Martinek opened the M&M Garage. (Not to be confused with the Double M Garage, which was located across Cedar Street.)

The vast steel beams supporting the restaurant roof structure were transferred from the Elk Rapids Iron Works (then at base of Elk Lake). The Iron Furnace opened in 1872. Also, the four exterior walls are built of brick reclaimed from the Elk Rapids Portland Cement Co. (1899-1911, then on South Bayshore Drive).

Siren Hall’s bar top is a single plank of Douglas Fir, reclaimed from the Puget Sound. This massive recycled structural timber was a horizontal girder.